In-Between Visit Care & Resources for Patients, while Increasing Practice Revenue!

May 24, 2017

We are excited to announce that Scripps Mercy Physician Partners has partnered with Chronic Care Management, LLC, to offer exclusive Chronic Care Management services to our members.

Effective immediately, you will be able to work with Chronic Care Management, LLC, to further assist you in managing your patients with two or more chronic conditions. In addition, this program is designed to help drive your quality metrics, stay connected with patients’ in-between visits, and increase patient satisfaction; all while generating additional revenue!

The Chronic Care Management, LLC, services program includes:

  • No Up Front, Out of Pocket Implementation Costs
  • Improved Patient Wellness & Overall Experience
  • Enhanced Practice Efficiency
  • New Practice Revenue —Immediately
# of Chronic Care Patients Treated by Your Practice Projected Monthly CCM Pymts 1-time Enrollment
(NEW Patients Only)
Projected Annual CCM Pymts
1 Patient $22.19 $66.48 $332.76
50 Patients $1,109.50 $3,324.00 $16,638.00
100 Patients $2,219.00 $6,648.00 $33,276.00
150 Patients $3,328.50 $9,972.00 $49,914.00
200 Patients $4,438.00 $13,296.00 $66,552.00

*Does not include uncollected patient co-pays, or billing fees.

For more details & information about the Chronic Care Management, LLC, Program, please contact –


Beth Reed
Community Director
Scripps Mercy Physician Partners
(619) 359-6600