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February 8, 2024

MIPS Training Session 2022

August 26, 2022

National University Podcast: Bachelor of Science in Public Health

May 6, 2021

This podcast provides an overview of the following opportunities:

  • General information about National University
  • General overview of the healthcare programs offered by NU
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health program overview
  • Career options after completing the Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  • A summary of recent student research projects
  • Industry trends


If you are interested in learning more about National University’s Bachelor of Science in Public Health, there are multiple ways you can connect with a NU representative:

  • Call 855-773-1509
  • Visit www.nu.edu and complete an online application

Don’t forget to mention you are a Scripps Mercy Physicians Partners’ member, staff, or family member to make sure you take advantage of our preferred partner discount!


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Presented by:

Xiomara Flores
Account Specialist

Dr. Ritika Bhawal
Program Director for the Bachelor of Science in Public Health at National University

Cosán Group Engages Tridiuum to Advance Behavioral Health Integration for Primary Care Providers

October 25, 2020

National care management organization to embed Tridiuum ONE digital behavioral health platform in its suite of services for Behavioral Health Integration and Chronic Care Management


PHILADELPHIA – October 20, 2020 – Tridiuum, the nation’s premier provider of digital behavioral health solutions, today announced they have been selected by Cosán Group, a leading innovator in the healthcare industry known for delivering a practice- and patient-centric approach to preventative care services, to provide digital behavioral health capabilities that facilitate patient identification and subsequent care coordination for behavioral health conditions.

Cosán will integrate capabilities from the Tridiuum ONE platform into its Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) and Chronic Care Management service offerings for primary care practices, enabling providers to participate in reimbursable treatment activities – such as behavioral health assessments and behavioral care management programs – designed to improve care quality and outcomes.

With Tridiuum ONE, Cosán enables primary care practices to easily administer clinically-validated behavioral assessments. Sophisticated analytics in Tridiuum ONE mine patient responses and generate behavioral health alerts and a behavioral risk score in real-time, delivering it to the provider at the point of care.

Armed with this information, providers are able to coordinate patient care, including referrals to behavioral specialists when appropriate, and track patient care once they are in treatment. The capabilities satisfy multiple service components of the Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model (CoCM), in addition to Chronic Care Management and General BHI services that are reimbursable by CMS and many commercial health plans.

“This partnership is what Tridiuum is all about,” said Mark Redlus, Tridiuum CEO. “Embedding the Tridiuum ONE capabilities into the Cosán service offering to advance the integration of behavioral care at the primary care level means more individuals in need will be found; they will get access to appropriate care; and the result will be better care quality, outcomes, and lower costs. We are thrilled to have been named as their behavioral health platform of choice.”

“Cosán provides tech-enabled population health management and prevention through risk stratification by integrating the best-in-class evidence-based assessment management and supportive solutions,” said Dan Hirschfeld, CEO of Cosán Group LLC. “Tridiuum’s solution will be integrated into the care delivery for tens of thousands of our patients needing behavior support. We are excited about the partnership and the positive impact it will have on our patients.”


About Tridiuum

Tridiuum, the premier provider of digital behavioral health solutions, is accelerating improved outcomes and reduced costs by reimagining how behavioral healthcare is delivered. The company’s flagship platform, Tridiuum ONE, combines nearly 20 years of behavioral health research and clinical expertise with cutting-edge technology to power behavioral health operations and workflows in a way that advances patient outcomes. It is proven to identify behavioral conditions faster, accelerate access to care, engage patients, and deliver vital treatment progress tracking. The scalable technology also integrates seamlessly with most electronic health records and health IT software. Almost 2,000 clinical facilities use the Tridiuum ONE platform, with more than 6,500 behavioral health providers using it to advance treatment for more than 11,000 patients every day. To learn more, visit https://tridiuum.com.


About Cosán Group LLC

Cosán Group LLC, established in 2015, is an industry-leading healthcare organization creating new pathways to modern aging with technology-driven preventative care services, offering concierge home care for older adults. Early market exposure in the delivery of technology and services to support the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has propelled Cosán to deliver a practice and patient-centric approach to remote care coordination.

Discover more on our website at www.cosangroup.com


Media contacts:

Kathleen Hertzog
Canton & Company for Tridiuum
[email protected]


David Hunt
Founder, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer
Cosán Group LLC
[email protected]

National University Podcast: Tuition Reduction Scholarships

September 30, 2020

Learn more about National University and review your Scripps Mercy Physician Partners Tuition Reduction Scholarship – a 15% discount on your tuition for members including physicians, medical assistants, and physician assistants. In addition, Scripps Mercy Physician Partners and National University are extending a 10% tuition reduction scholarship to spouses, domestic partners, and dependents of Scripps Mercy Physician Partners members.

This podcast covers:

  • Quarterly and monthly classes offered online
  • 75+ programs
  • Monthly start dates and year-round enrollment
  • Flexible transfer credit policies
  • Dedicated student services tailored to working professionals
  • One-on-one advising and program estimate for reviewing transferrable credits
  • Financial aid and more!


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Presented by:

Xiomara Flores
Account Specialist, Healthcare | Workforce Education Solutions
Visit Website

Transworld Systems Inc. Completes its Acquisition of Alltran Financial Services

September 28, 2020

LAKE FOREST, IL., January 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Transworld Systems Inc. (“TSI” or the “Company”), the U.S.’s largest technology-enabled provider of collection analytics, accounts receivable management, customer relationship management, healthcare revenue cycle management, and student loan servicing solutions, announced today that the Company, along with certain affiliates, had completed its acquisition of Alltran Financial Services. Transaction terms were not disclosed.

Alltran Financial Services is a first- and third-party accounts receivable management solutions provider for the financial services, auto finance, and financial technology markets. Alltran employs 1,100 employees across four operations centers located predominantly in the southwestern United States.

“The Alltran acquisition establishes TSI as the market leader in providing receivables management and bad-debt solutions to financial institutions and consumer finance companies in the United States. We are excited for Alltran customers to become partners with TSI, and we welcome our new employees to the TSI family,” said Joseph Laughlin, TSI Chief Executive Officer.

About Transworld Systems Inc.

Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI) is the largest and premier analytics and technology-enabled provider of outsourced accounts receivable management, customer relationship management, healthcare revenue cycle, and loan servicing solutions.  TSI differentiates itself with its proprietary collection algorithms, digital collections platform, global scale, and unmatched attention to regulatory compliance.  TSI’s clients include Fortune 100 corporations, hospitals, financial institutions, governmental organizations, and small businesses.

January 21st, 2020|TSI News

Cosán Group Partners with AAHCM to Deliver Industry Leading Preventive Care Services to Home Care Providers

Moorestown, NJ (September 23, 2020)  – – Cosán Group LLC, a leading innovator in the healthcare industry, known for delivering a practice and patient-centric approach to Preventative Care Services, announced today it has joined the Industry Relations Council (IRC) of the American Academy of Home Care Medicine (AAHCM). Cosán delivers a preventative care coordination tool suite to help physicians, healthcare organizations and payers improve patient outcomes through innovative technology.

Cosán Group offers a unique suite of preventive services including Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Integration, Remote Patient Monitoring and Principle Care Management. Their services use advanced technology with an unparalleled network of healthcare methods to analyze, evaluate, and coordinate care plans. These services create pathways to modern aging while providing practices with the in-between visit care that is vital to improving patient outcomes.

“We are excited to partner with AAHCM and participate in the Industry Relations Council,” said Dan Hirschfeld, CEO of Cosán Group, LLC. “Cosán Group will provide solutions for members as they look to evolve their practices with tech-enabled solutions to leverage today’s fee for service reimbursement, while positioning their practices for value-based care.”

As a member of the IRC, Cosán Group joins a forum for exchanging ideas and insights and enhancing patient care benefits available to the AAHCM’s nearly 1,000 home care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, social workers, administrators, and other aligned professionals.

“We are delighted to welcome Cosán Group to the IRC,” said Brent Feorene, executive director, AAHCM. “Their participation in the IRC furthers the Academy’s long-standing commitment to creating partnerships that ensure members have access to best-in-class tools, information, and support they need.”

On Tuesday, September 29, Cosán Group will host a live webinar, Virtual Care Services: Humanizing Healthcare in the Virtual Age at 5:00 p.m. ET.


About Cosán Group LLC

Cosán Group LLC, established in 2015, is an industry-leading healthcare organization creating new pathways to modern aging with technology-driven preventative care services, offering concierge home care for older adults. Early market exposure in the delivery of technology and services to support the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has propelled Cosán to deliver a practice and patient-centric approach to remote care coordination.

Discover more on our website at www.cosangroup.com



AAHCM is a professional organization serving the needs of physicians, health professionals, and organizations committed to improving care of patients in the home. AAHCM delivers on the promise of interdisciplinary, high-value health care in the home for all people in need by promoting the art, science, and practice of home care medicine. The AAHCM membership is composed of physicians, medical directors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, registered nurses, social workers, practice administrators, and residents/students working in the field of home care medicine.

For more information on AAHCM, please visit http://www.aahcm.org.

Physician Partners COVID-19 Content and Updates

April 8, 2020

Physician Partners has created content and resources relevant to the current COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated as new content is made available.

CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act)

The bill addresses the economic impacts of, and otherwise responds to, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. The bill authorizes emergency loans to distressed businesses; with respect to health care, the bill -provides additional funding for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19;

  • limits liability for volunteer health care professionals;
  • prioritizes Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review of certain drugs;
  • allows emergency use of certain diagnostic tests that are not approved by the FDA;
  • expands health-insurance coverage for diagnostic testing and requires coverage for preventative services and vaccines;
  • revises other provisions, including those regarding the medical supply chain, the national stockpile, the health care workforce, the Healthy Start program,
  • telehealth services, nutrition services, Medicare, and Medicaid.


CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) Webinar Presentation & Forms

Please find attached the slideshow presentation and supplemental SBA Loan spreadsheet referenced during the CARES Act webinar. Please note, the spreadsheet shows Employee 1 and Employee 2 as samples with formulas in place.

Please find attached the slideshow presentation and supplemental SBA Loans / Employees Data spreadsheet referenced during the CARES Act webinar. Please note, the spreadsheet shows Employee 1 and Employee 2 as samples with formulas in place.

Download Slideshow.pdf

Download SBA Spreadsheet.xlsx



Health officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have communicated many reasons to self-quarantine and reduce travel as much as possible due to the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, many patients are concerned about traveling to and from a physician’s office because of exposure risk.

Providing telehealth services is crucial to protect caregivers, not just patients. Preserving the health of our doctors and staff is paramount so they can continue to provide the much-needed care for our communities.


Telehealth Webinar Presentation & Forms

Please find attached the slideshow presentation and supplemental documents referenced during the Telehealth webinar. We have included a sample patient Telehealth consent form in both PDF and Word Doc, in addition to an Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) document.

Download Slideshow.pdf

Download Telehealth Consent Form.pdf

Download Telehealth Consent Form.docx

Download ABN Form.docx



A Telehealth Consult is defined as a “Two-Way” live audio & visual interactive communication between a patient and his or her health care provider. This interaction does not require direct patient contact; however, the patient must be present and be engaged throughout the consult aka – “e-Visit”.

More information can be found regarding Telehealth consults and the recently announced 1135 waiver by visiting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website – Click here to learn more

Please note – The use of audio-only telephone, facsimile machines, texting, or e-mail does not constitute a Telehealth consult. There may be differences in reimbursement and coverage between CMS and commercial carriers.


Reimbursement & Billing

Physician Partners recommends each provider’s office contact the insurance carrier to determine if a patient’s current policy will cover Telehealth services. The office may also obtain a signed waiver from the patient prior to the Telehealth consult, acknowledging the patient’s financial responsibility should the insurance carrier refuse to cover the service.

Most insurance payers will reimburse using the visit code, along with the modifier (95), and place of service Telehealth (02).

CMS has created a list of services that are payable under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule when furnished via telehealth. Click the button below to visit the CMS website and download a file that lists covered telehealth services and their corresponding codes.

View Telehealth Codes


Recent Changes in HIPAA Policy for Telehealth – via Office of Civil Rights (OCR), Effective March 6, 2020

CMS has made drastic changes to its HIPAA policy which allows for Telehealth consultation and treatment for nearly any type of outpatient encounter.

A covered health care provider in the exercise of his or her professional judgment may request to examine a patient exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms using a video chat application connecting the provider’s and patient’s phone, tablet, or desktop computer in order to assess a greater number of patients while limiting the spread of infection.

Likewise, a covered health care provider may provide telehealth services in the exercise of his or her professional judgment to assess or treat any other medical or mental health condition, even if not related to COVID-19.

Under the recent notice provided by CMS, covered health care providers may use popular applications that allow for video chats, including Apple FaceTime, Facebook Messenger video chat, Google Hangouts video, or Zoom, to provide telehealth services without the risk of a penalty for noncompliance with HIPAA rules. Providers are encouraged to notify patients that these third-party applications potentially introduce privacy risks and providers should attempt to enable encryption and privacy modes when using such applications. 

Under this Notice, however, Facebook Live, Twitch, TikTok, and similar video communication applications are public-facing, and should not be used.

Covered health care providers who insist on additional privacy protections while conducting telehealth consultations should utilize a paid service with one of the recommended vendors noted below and enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with them.


Secure & Non-Secure Technologies

(Allowed by CMS & OCR during COVID-19 Pandemic)


Web Cameras

All Telehealth technologies will work on mobile devices, including iPhones and Androids. This is the easiest way to get up and running.

A stationary camera connected to a computer provides the best viewing experience for patients. Currently, many online retailers are either out of stock or back-ordered due to the recent high demand. It is not a requirement that you wait to purchase or use a web camera to begin providing telehealth services to your patients. Using your mobile device is, again, the easiest way to get started.

If you would like to search the internet for a USB capable web camera, click here.

If you elect to use your mobile device or tablet to conduct a Telehealth consult, consider using a workspace stand to hold your phone or tablet in place during the consult — click here to view stands.

Technology Services – Contact Information

Zoom Healthcare – To view Zoom’s website and begin setting up your healthcare provider account, please visit their website at https://zoom.us/healthcare. Please note – You may use the temporary promotional code “PORTFOLIOPARTNER-ZOOM” to save up to $399.80 on your annual subscription fees.

Vsee Telehealth – To learn more about Vsee and their services, please visit https://vsee.com/. Please note -Vsee offers other valuable features, such as patient intake, consent, and a virtual triage queue.

Apple Face Time – To learn more about using Apple Face Time video meetings, please visit Apple’s website by clicking here.

Google Hangouts Video – To learn more about using Google Hangouts video meetings, please click here. Please Note – You will need to download the Google Hangouts app to your Android device first, which can be found by clicking here.

***Using Apple Face Time or Google Hangouts Video may share your personal mobile phone number or personal contact information with patients. It is recommended that you review your settings in advance.


Affiliate Resources

If you have any questions about instituting & billing for telehealth services at your practice, please contact Absolute Solutions at (858) 251-0351 or email them directly at [email protected]. Their company, a trusted member of our Physician Resource Center, has developed a comprehensive telehealth training program that has been discounted for Physician Partners members.

If you need assistance setting-up a virtual office or a remote workspace, contact Edge-tech Solutions, another trusted affiliate partner in our Physician Resource Center. You may reach them by phone at (619) 535-6911 or via email at [email protected]. Their company also extends preferred services and pricing to Physician Partners members.


CMA Resource Guide | Financial Assistance for Medical Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The California Medical Association has provided a resource guide of financial assistance available to medical practices during and after this difficult time so physicians have the information they need to make the right decisions for their businesses and families.

View CMA Resources Guide

Congratulations to Our Physician Members Named “2019 – Top Doctors”

November 22, 2019

Congratulations to our physician members named 2019 – Top Doctors in the annual San Diego Magazine “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence” peer-nominated survey!

Nearly 100 Scripps Mercy Physician Partners members have been recognized, many of whom have made the list several times before.


Lars Newsome, MD


Cardiovascular Disease

Batyrjan Bulibek, MD
Bruce Kimura, MD
Damian Rasch, DO
Eric Hong, MD
Jeffry Mullvain, MD
John Backman, MD
Martin Charlat, MD
Maurice Buchbinder, MD
Patrick McGinty, MD
Paul Phillips, MD
Raghava Gollapudi, MD
Roy Avalos, MD


Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

Ali Hamzei, MD


Colon and Rectal Surgery

Matthew Schultzel, DO



Alice Liu, MD, PhD
Judith Koperski, MD
Michelle Jackson, MD
Robert Scheinberg, MD
Sheila Krishna, MD
Sherry Rotunda, MD
Susan Shimomaye, MD


Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Paul Speckart, MD


Family Medicine

Douglas Dengerink, DO
Jeffrey Anthony, DO
Michelle Look, MD
Stephen Rohrer, DO



Ananthram Reddy, MD


General Surgery

Adam Fierer, MD
Cheryl Olson, MD
Hugo Barrera, MD
Jay Grove, MD
Paul Hyde, MD
Sunil Bhoyrul, MD



Marie Shieh, MD


Internal Medicine

Howard Williams, MD
Karen Jamison, MD
Mark Mosson, MD
Raymond Pigeon, MD


Interventional Cardiology

Jan Kulhanek, MD
Vimal Nanavati, MD


Medical Oncology

Alfred Saleh, MD
Charles Redfern, MD
James Sinclair, MD
Jennifer Fisher, MD
Pushpendu Banerjee, MD
Steven Kossman, MD


Neurological Surgery

Scott Leary, MD
Vikram Udani, MD



Ian Purcell, MD, PhD
Monali Patel, MD


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Amita Jain, MD
Heather Gunnarson, MD
Keerti Gurushanthaiah, MD
Kim Bui, MD
Lauren Robertson, MD
Valerie Gafori, MD
Wendy Buchi, MD


Orthopedic Surgery

Christopher Behr, MD
David Fabi, MD
David Hackley, MD
Franz Kopp, MD
Jeremy McCandless, MD
Peter Hanson, MD
Ralph Rynning, MD
Scott Tanaka, MD


Orthopedic Surgery of the Spine

Larry Dodge, MD
Maneesh Bawa, MD



Brian Weeks, MD
Hernan Goldsztein, MD
Michael O’Leary, MD
Perry Mansfield, MD



Audrey Calzada, MD


Pain Medicine

Keeran Kumar, MD
Kevin Toliver, MD



Lori Taylor, MD
Shakha Gillin, MD
Shannon Cheffet, DO


Pediatric Gastroenterology

Rebecca Cherry, MD


Plastic Surgery

Jason Toranto, MD
Srinivas Iyengar, MD


Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine

Marisa Magana, MD


Pulmonary Disease

Ni-Cheng Liang, MD
Samir Makani, MD
Scott Eisman, MD
Sheri Tran, MD


Sleep Medicine

Andrew Hsing, MD


Sports Medicine

Alexandra Myers, DO
Lee Ralph, MD


Surgery of the Hand

Richard Brown, MD



Carol Salem, MD
Youssef Tanagho, MD