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Our Mission

APS has been in the healthcare industry long enough to know that medical practice management is best handled by your office staff. No one cares for your office as well as they do. At APS, our mission is to ease the burden of healthcare paperwork for office managers, administrators and physicians alike so they can get back to the business of medicine. APS aims to provide a full range of contracting, application processing and documentation services to offload administrative tasks and act as a liaison between your practice and the world of provider enrollment.

Contact APS today to get out from under all that paperwork!

The Perfect Solution

Do you have stacks of applications and contracts to review and complete? Are the endless deadlines and documentation research creeping into patient time?

Insurance contracting can be at best, cumbersome and at worst, a nightmare. Amador Physician Services (APS) knows that office managers can accomplish more and spend more time on important responsibilities if they weren’t spending countless hours filling out insurance applications. APS eases the burden of the looming stacks of insurance credentialing and other application processes, by taking on those tasks for you. Call Amador Physician Services to help you get out from under that paperwork so you can focus on your medical practice.

Insurance Processing Made Effortless

APS takes on the responsibility of the application process for office managers, administrators and physicians. Our services cover the full range of insurance contracting, from requesting contracts and applications, to completing applications and following-up through the credentialing process.We also help maintain and re-credential contracts, make address and tax ID updates as needed and help with the addition of new providers to existing contracts.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with a few re-credentialing applications or are adding a physician or nurse practitioner to your group, APS can manage it. We can even help to establish a new practice with IPAs, medical groups, PPOs and state and federal programs, such as Medicare, Medi-Cal and Tricare. With APS at your side, the application process is effortless.