Medline Industries

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Better Products, Better Outcomes

Medline is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of healthcare supplies in the United States, providing more than 550,000 products that serve the entire continuum of care. Our innovative products and programs can be found in most hospitals, extended-care facilities, surgery centers, physician offices, home care dealers, home health agencies and retail outlets.

Founded in 1910, Medline has grown from a small manufacturer of aprons, surgical gowns and uniforms to a thriving $10 billion global enterprise because of our dedicated people, entrepreneurial spirit and honest values.

Market Leader

Medline leads the market in more than a dozen major medical product categories, including exam gloves, textiles, durable medical equipment, plastic patient utensils, skin care, disposable incontinence care, OR kits, protective apparel, gauze, packs and gowns, bathing systems, surgical trays and advanced wound care.

Sales Growth

Forty-plus-years of consecutive annual growth have led to 2012 sales of over $5.03 billion and a stream of new products and services.


Drive and desire for constant improvement is one of Medline’s core values. We own and license hundreds of proprietary products, patents and trademarks and offer award-winning, innovative products such as BioMask™ facemasks, the PerfecTemp™ patient warming system and Aloetouch® gloves.

Customer Focus

We help customers deliver quality health care by making the products they want, with the quality they demand and the value they need. And we offer programs and solutions clinically proven to help solve some of the most complex issues they face.

Our customers count on Medline to do things right, and we are there to provide support when things go wrong. When Sandy struck the East Coast and a tornado struck Joplin, Missouri, Medline made sure that hundreds of deliveries of vital medical supplies still made it to their destinations. When earthquakes ravaged Haiti and Japan, Medline responded with materials and logistical support.

Internal Strength

Medline has the flexibility to make long-term investments in groundbreaking products, expand our distribution network, maintain high levels of inventory and provide our customers with personalized service and custom solutions that are unmatched in the industry.

Into the Future

Medline will continue to provide products and services to the healthcare community that enhance quality of life and provide functional and financial value. We will build upon our momentum with innovation. Our ideas will turn into new products. We’ll provide more broad-based solutions that address causes, not just symptoms. Medline products will be in your neighborhood store and around the world. We pledge that Medline will continue to provide the products and value our customers need in order to deliver the care patients deserve, regardless of how the healthcare industry changes.