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ELLKAY is a recognized healthcare connectivity leader, providing solutions and services nationwide. With 17 years of industry experience, ELLKAY empowers hospitals and health systems, diagnostic laboratories, healthcare IT vendors, payers, and other healthcare organizations with cutting-edge technologies and solutions. With over 50,000 practices connected, ELLKAY’s system capability arsenal has grown to over 700+ EMR/PMS systems across 1,100+ versions.

ELLKAY is the leader in interoperability data solutions, including data integrations, interface and connectivity solutions, data exchange feeds and conversion and data archive services. ELLKAY is a long-term partner of hospitals and health systems that rely on the archive for legacy application decommissioning, and practice and hospital acquisition. ELLKAY’s infrastructure is positioned to scale with our growing list of partners.

At the forefront is our commitment to innovation. We are constantly watching and listening to market trends, challenges and opportunities, compliance, government regulations and industry requirements to align our product strategy and development teams to deliver solutions that deliver for our partners. We are also committed to interoperability and recognize the tremendous need to synchronize systems, so organizations have access to every form of data in a meaningful and actionable format to significantly impact how healthcare can be delivered for both the patient and the provider. We recognize that patient connectivity, patient identity and data quality management is the foundation to achieving a network of connected data.

For organizations who wish to decommission their legacy acute and ambulatory systems while maintaining access to legacy patient data in a searchable archive solution, ELLKAY simplifies data extraction, conversion, and archiving. For organizations looking to streamline workflows with seamless systems connectivity, we offer tools for patient matching and proven interface infrastructure for complete interoperability. To fuel the analytics, clinical benchmarks, and quality measures reporting that lead to improved outcomes and better care, we provide a robust clinical data exchange platform that includes a feed of clinical, claims, demographics, and administrative data from various EHRs.

Our ‘client-first’ focus has made ELLKAY one of the most respected healthcare IT companies in the nation. At ELLKAY, we value our clients and believe that strong relationships are the foundation for a strong company. We understand that every business is different, and we work with our clients to provide innovative solutions and unparalleled service.

To learn more about ELLKAY, please visit www.ELLKAY.com