IBM Watson Announces New Clients, Including GenieMD

October 9, 2014

IBM Watson has announced their partnership with roughly 100 companies and nonprofit institutions, which are beginning to offer software applications using the Watson engine. Physician Resource Center partner, GenieMD, is one of those innovative companies.

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about our new patient-facing health application, myQcare, powered by GenieMD. This application connects San Diego residents with one of the largest healthcare networks in San Diego – YOU! The myQcare mobile application allows patients to exclusively search through a database of Physician Partner member physicians. Patients may also track, securely store, and conveniently share their health profile right from the palm of their hand.

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For more information about the newest release concerning our partner, GenieMD, please read the article below.


IBM’s Watson Attracts Commercial Clients

By Steve Lohr | October 7, 2014

No one questions that IBM’s Watson technology is impressive. The question is: How much of a business can it become?

IBM will show off progress on that front on Wednesday when it officially opens Watson’s business home in downtown Manhattan. IBM is announcing that about 100 companies and nonprofit institutions are developing and beginning to offer software applications using the Watson engine.

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Original Post By: NY Times